Yeh A Dinon Ki Baat Hai written update, July 5, 2019: Naina is scolded the first day of her work

The episode of Yeh A Dinon Ki Baat Hai He starts with Naina showing Sameer his appointment letter and asking her to let her help him and together they can achieve their dream. Sameer feels guilty while he can not keep his promise to give Naina a life as a queen.

Rakesh encourages her and tells Sameer that even Naina should use her education and that there is nothing wrong with doing this work. Sameer agrees.

The next day, Naina prepares to go to work and Rakesh and Sameer feed their dahi-shakkar. In the office, a receptionist asks you to wait until an older person gives you a task. According to the instructions, Naina waits, but then her boss scolds her for killing time and remaining idle.

She has red eyes and her boss is still attacking her. Naina has nothing to answer.

At night, Sameer waits anxiously at the door of his building for Naina to celebrate the first day of her work. Naina returns home and shares with her everything that happened. He gets angry and asks her to quit the job.

However, Rakesh makes them understand the harsh reality of life. He consoles Naina and pacifies Sameer. Elsewhere, Gadkari becomes infuriated with Aditya after finding a receipt for an acting workshop in his closet. The

he confronts Aditya and tells him that he feels cheated when his own son kept him in the dark. He throws it out of the house. Sameer intervenes and tries to make Gadkari understand, but in return, even he is scolded.

Sameer takes Aditya home. Sameer, Naina and Rakesh try to cheer up Aditya and comfort him.