Lights, camera and heavy action in the sets of 'San'84 Justice'.

'San 84 Justice', a film that revolves around the turmoil that comes into the lives of Sikh families who were tortured during the night Indira Gandhi The murder in 1984, took place a heavy-duty action on the sets. The scene is about a fight between the Gurfateh brothers played by Vipin Sharma and Ajit Singh played by Ashish Sahdev. In this scene they were informed by Manoj Bakshi (who played an important role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan) and plays Jaradhan in this film. He tells them that hundreds of rioters are killing the Sikhs without mercy and unexpectedly one of the brothers decides to go to the place of the riot to look for something very important. The action begins immediately after this scene that is intense, emotionally charged and took several shots to surround it, as it involved a fight with the tall and muscular Manoj Bakshi that prevented the brothers from leaving home.

Sandeep Rana and his team gave a lengthy and detailed briefing to the actors Manoj Bakshi, Vipin Sharma, Suparna Marwah and Ashish Sahdev on the intensity and finesse needed to pull off this scene as the action begins hereafter. One of the shots in this scene involved Manoj stopping Vipin physically, and since he is workshop and hefty, he was being conscious not to come on very heavily. However, it was practically froze the other actors so much that they could not move away and the scene had to be reshot multiple times till the right intensity was achieved, it became tough for everyone

Once the scene was perfected, the actors and the whole team laughed at the strength and action of Manoj Bakshi in each shot filmed for this scene.