The director of Kuttram23 challenges Arun Vijay

After Ice Bucket, Kiki and many other challenges, it is the turn of the Bottle Cap challenge to go viral. And when everyone is hooked on it, how can Kolma Kollywood celebrities be left behind? director Arivazhagan , who directed Kuttram 23 by Arun Vijay, challenged the fitness freak actor Arun Vijay for the challenge. I've posted on his micro-blogging page, The #bottlechallenge looks quite interesting :) Following Hollywood, Bollywood Hero Celebs, I'm eagerly waiting 4 One of My Beloved @ arunvijayno1 sir's #bottlecapchallange #Bravo 😍👍🏼. Arun Vijay, in turn, replied, Arun Vijay Will accept the challenge and do it sir ... :)

Bottle Cap's challenge was originally initiated by Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchi last month. Later, many others, including martial arts expert Max Holloway, musician John Mayer, also tried it out. John, in turn, challenged Hollywood star Jason Statham and the actor accepted the challenge. Then, the challenge also became popular in India. Stars like Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra and our own King of Action Arjun They have also taken on the challenge.