Postal ballot fraud: Oppn de Kerala moves HC for investigation

KOCHI: Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala Has Presented A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) Before The Kerala High Court Requiring A Judicial Order From The Electoral Commission To Appoint An Independent Commission To Investigate The Alleged Defendant .

In Addition To An Investigation, The Leader Of The Opposition Also Requires That A Judicial Process Be Initiated Against Those Implicated Directly Or Indirectly In The Alleged Fraud In Which The Votes Were Supposedly Collected By Mail From The Police Officers Sent Out Of Their Districts Of Origin. For Elections And Votes Made In Favor Of Their Desires, Supposedly By Members Of The Police Association.

As An Interim Relief, The Leader Of The Opposition Has Demanded To Withdraw The Ballot Papers Issued To The Electoral Officers Who Have Not Yet Been Exercised. A Holiday Bank Court Will Consider The Demand On Tuesday.

The Fraud Was Made Possible On The Basis Of A Circular Issued By The Chief Of The State Police In Which Nodal Officials Were Nominated To Collect Postal Voting Requests From Police Officers In Electoral Service Outside Their Local Districts And Return The Return Tickets To Returning Officers. The Leader Of The Opposition Holds That Only The Voter Has The Right To Send The Vote Request By Mail And Collect It In Accordance With The Law. The Chief Of Police Circular Is Contrary To The Legal Provisions And Is Illegal, The Leader Of The Opposition. Anticipating Possible Malpractice In Voting By Mail, A Representation Was Sent To The Chief Electoral Officer On April 12, But No Measure Was Taken, Said The PIL.

Taking Advantage Of The Inaction Of The Chief Electoral Officer, The Kerala Police Association, Which Has Loyalty To The Ruling Left Democratic Front, Collaborated With The Appointed Nodal Officers According To The Circular Of The Chief Of The State Police. Representatives Of The Association Gathered Voting Ballots Of Police Officials Who Publicized Outside The District By Providing The" Care Of The Direction" Of The Association, Instead Of Sending Voting Ballots Directly To The Voters' Addresses In Electoral Functions." The Association's Office Bearers Have Performed A Very Important Role In Obtaining Voting Ballots Of Officers In Duty Of Election And Exercised Power Vows In Favor Of LDF Candidates In Election The House Of The People" , Declared The PIL While Looking For Action In The Bases Of The ADGP Intelligence Report On The Subject. According To The PIL, It Is Estimated That The Number Of Votes Per Power Of The Respondents Is Greater Than 55,000.