MJ Akbar appears for interrogation in case of defamation

NEW DELHI: The former Union minister on Saturday appeared before the chief magistrate of the metropolitan area Samar Vishal for his interrogation in relation to a case presented by him against a journalist.

The lead counsel Rebecca John, Ramani's advisor, had asked on May 20 several questions about an alleged meeting in a hotel room, the article by The Vogue written by Ramani, tweets and denunciations made by other journalists against MJ Akbar in the interrogation.

However, during the interrogation, Akbar had refused to meet Ramani in a hotel room.

Akbar had said: It is wrong to suggest that I called Priya Ramani to come to my room. It is wrong to suggest that she doubted or that I insisted. It is true that in December 1993 he was 42 years old and Priya Ramani was 23 years old. I do not know if it was the first job interview conducted by Priya Ramani after his graduation.

Akbar added: I'm not sure if Priya Ramani was offered a job in the Asian Age newspaper in January 1994 at the Delhi office. It is a matter of 25 years and, to my knowledge, was working Bombay Office.

Ramani pleaded not guilty to the court on April 10 and claimed the trial after the court filed defamation charges against her in a criminal complaint of Akbar.

In one of the past hearings, the ACMM also granted Ramani a permanent exemption from personal presence at the hearings to follow.

In February, Ramani was granted bail on a personal bond of Rs 10,000. She was the first woman to accuse Akbar of sexual harassment during the.

Akbar had filed a defamation case against the journalist for accusing him. The accusations against him forced him to resign as of October 17, 2018.