China separating Uighur children from families for social reengineering

Thousands of Muslim children in western China are being separated from their parents in what a new study calls a systematic campaign of social reengineering and cultural genocide.

The investigation sheds light on what happens to the children of the so-called parents with double detention, when both the father and mother have been kidnapped by the state in what is called reeducation facilities. The UN says China has detained more than one million minority Muslims, mostly Uighurs, since a dramatic escalation of politics in 2017.

Writing in the Journal of Political Risk, the German researcher Adrien Zenz presents evidence to show that the Xinjiang authorities anticipated the risk that children who had lost both parents in detention centers were motivated to

lashes out against the state

The state government issued directives ordering schools to concentrate on the thoughtful education of Uighur students, similar to the type of language used by the state to justify the detention of adults. Schools were ordered to establish emergency response plans that included dealing with orphaned children in the state, including periodic assessments of their mood and psychological counseling.

The satellite images show that almost at the same time that China began to expand the facilities that we now know are used for the detention of the Uighurs, the attached or independent boarding schools also began to receive a dramatic increase in dormitory facilities. Official reports boast that children receive better skills in the Chinese language, as well as better manners and personal hygiene.

China has denied the existence of children of orphaned minorities in the state.