Stand-Up India will run until 2025: Nirmala

NEW DELHI: Highlighting the success of the Stand-up India plan, Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman He noted that many members of the SC/ST community have taken advantage of the scheme to establish their businesses. Noting the strong demand for continuity of the plan, the finance minister announced that it will continue throughout the period, coinciding with the 15th finance commission from 2020 to 2025. The government has also committed to strengthen the digital repository to preserve the culture tribal and heritage.

The minister also said that machines and robots have been deployed to perform waste collection tasks, which also saved the dignity of the manual kidnappers. The synthesis between standing up and starting with commercial banks that play the role of catalyst has brought this transformation change, informed Parliament.

Sitharaman added that the scheme has raised human dignity and self-esteem. The Minister of Petroleum & natural gas has allowed SC/ST businessmen to provide LPG transportation in bulk. In a matter of two years, more than 300 entrepreneurs have emerged, he shared.