Sarin, 14, faces former World No. 2 Ivanchuk at Leon Masters 2019

LEON (Spain): Great teacher of fourteen years. Nihal Sarin will take the former No. 2 of the world Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine in a battle of generations in the first semifinal of the Leon Masters 2019 tournament.

The match will consist of four quick games with Nihal starting the first game with black pieces.

Nihal enters the tournament as the youngest player in the world with a rating higher than 2600.

Speaking about his expectations, Nihal said: Ivanchuk is a great player, but I will try to play as well as possible and win the game.

When asked about his starting strategy, Nihal said that since Ivanchuk starts the game with the white pieces, he will have to wait and see what the experienced player does.

The first game will be the key. If I can play well, I have two targets in the last three games in a pressure situation.

Nihal has been in good shape in recent months that saw him break the 2600 barrier, the third youngest in history to do so. It also became the Asian Blitz. Chess Champion in June, the youngest in history.

Ivanchuk will start the tournament with confidence having won the Capablanca Memorial tournament in early May.

Leon Masters is a 4-player elimination tournament. It takes place from July 5 to 7 here.

Players will play 4 quick games in the game with 20 minutes for the entire game, plus an increase of 10 seconds from move one. In case of a tie, two blitz games (5 + 3) will be played, and if an Armageddon game is still tied.

Other players include GM Parham Maghsoodloo of Iran and local GM Jaime Santos Latasa.

The winner of this match will reach the final and will play the winner of the first match between Nihal and Ivanchuk.