Kyrgios is 'good boy', says partner of Wimbledon

LONDON: Nick Kyrgios He's a good guy who makes a good show, his Wimbledon The mixed doubles partner told AFP on Friday.

The fuel Australian star crashed out of Wimbledon at the hands of two-time champion Rafael Nadal In a stormy second-round match on Thursday.

He was warned by bad sportsmanship, described the referee as a disgrace and admitted that he deliberately tried to hit Nadal with a right blister.

But Desirae Krawczyk , who will play mixed doubles with Kyrgios, 24, later on Friday, jumped in his defense.

It's his own character, he presents a good show and I think he's a good guy, said the 25-year-old American.

He is a great player, he has talent, he has the skills and everything.

I do not really care much what he says.

Krawcyzk, the daughter of a Polish father and Filipino mother, admitted that her association with Kyrgios came out of nowhere.

I was in another tournament and he sent me a message. He said he had a random question, did he want to play in a mixed way? He said.

I said, 'of course, why not'.

We had seen each other in tournaments. We had only said 'hello' and 'hey', but we have common friends.

He has never really talked to me, but I thought it would be fun, mixing is always fun and it only happens four times a year, so it will be good.