Twitteratti troll Pakistani anchor to confuse Apple Inc with fruit

ISLAMABAD: Netizens who make the slightest mistake recently had another reason to laugh long after a Pakistani presenter mistook Apple Inc for the fruit during the live show.

She is being persecuted to a large extent for thinking that her panelist who talked about Apple Inc is referring to Apple, the fruit.

The matter came to light after Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat published a video clip on April 4 of the program in which the presenter was discussing with a panelist about the financial conditions of Pakistan.

When the panelist said, Alone Apple's business is more than the entire annual budget of Pakistan.

Thinking that he is talking about fruit business, she said: Yes, sir, I have heard that there are great varieties of apples and that the business is quite big, the startled panelist quickly corrected her saying: I'm talking about the Apple company, not the fruit.

Twitterati reacted quickly. News program or comedy program, said a surfer.

That's why people say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but does not separate the psychiatrist, said another.

Poor anchor still thinking about the purchase after the show, said one user.

However, few also came in his defense.

In the presenter's defense, the way Appal said it was as if he were talking about the fruit (also Appal Sirf Appal Mobile nahin hota hai!), A user tweeted.

He's the guy who did not correctly classify his argument! Only apple means fruit! Said another.

This incident revives the memory of another incident in which the live broadcast becomes a source of embarrassment for the ruling PTI party.

The Pakistan provincial government broadcast a whole meeting live by accidentally turning on the cat filter. With pink ears and cute mustaches, the ministers led the meeting online, leaving netizens laughing.