I would never send my son to a reality show: Dance India The fame of dancing Terence Lewis

Choreographer Terence Lewis , who has been a judge in dance reality shows, feels that children's reality shows have a negative impact on children. He says: Children are impressionable, and television is a professional and ruthless place. Putting them on a pedestal for a couple of months and suddenly removing them when a new show begins, leaves a void inside them. If I had a child, I would not want him/her to participate in a reality show. It takes the child to an extreme level of ambition and desire.

Speaking about the recent announcement of the Iu0026B ministry that asks channels to avoid suggestive and inappropriate movements for children's age in such programs, he says: Technically, they should be banned for children on television, and parents should also regulate the same. Such dances make them precocious in a certain way that they are premature, and rob them of their innocence. These types of dances should be avoided, but with that said, they can be given a platform to show their talent.