'Super 30': Hrithik Roshan is frank about the choice of scripts

Hrithik Roshan who is very excited about his upcoming release ' Super 30 'It opened about being conscientious when choosing scripts. In fact, to take on projects that will have an impact on him. Hrithik will be seen portraying the role of the Indian mathematician Anand Kumar on which the film is based.

Lately, during an interview Hrithik said that he is not a very good actor, he is not the fittest guy. He is the opposite of these things, so movies for him are a very difficult thing. It takes a lot for him to do the simple things that other actors do instinctively. That's why he needs to find stories that fuel him to go through the entire process to wake up at 6 o'clock, to take the aching back, knees, shoulders, the broken bones and do what he do. 'Super 30' just hit it out of the park for me, especially the climax.

In addition, the star also shared how the concept of stardom has evolved over the years. Did he say that it is much more real that the whole concept of actors are gods? The distance is not much now. Look at Tiger, Varun, Ranbir who are calm. No one walks around like a star. But they are still delivering hit movies. Vikas Bhal 'Super 30' will hit the theaters on 12 July.