Turkey: 3 dead in explosion near the border with Syria

ANKARA: A bomb exploded in a nearby car. Turkey border with Syria on Friday, killing three Syria ns who were inside the vehicle, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan he told reporters.

The explosion occurred inside a car about 750 meters (yards) from a local government office in the border town of Reyhanli, in Hatay province, Anadolu Agency said.

It is clear that there was a bomb inside the vehicle, said Erdogan.

The findings at the time indicated that he was more linked to terrorism . ''

Earlier, Anadolu said that two people were also injured in the explosion and that several ambulances and police vehicles were sent to the site. Erdogan did not say how many people were injured in the explosion.

In 2013, two car bomb attacks in Reyhanli killed 52 people, including Syria n refugees. Turkey blamed Syria 's intelligence agency for the attack.

Turkey was also hit by a wave of attacks in 2015 and 2016 blamed on the Islamic State group and Kurdish militants that killed around 300 people.