The government spent almost 4 billion rupees for EVM before the Lok Sabha polls

NEW DELHI: THE CENTRAL government had spent around Rs 4000 crore in 2018-19 on the acquisition of EVM for the recently held Lok Sabha elections.

In this Budget, Rs 1,000 crore has been earmarked for the Lok Sabha elections.

According to the budget document, the provision is for meeting carry forward liability in respect of charges for the conduct of Lok Sabha elections.

Another Rs 339.54 crore has been earmarked in the Budget for the reimbursement of central government 's share on normal election expenditure to the state and UT government s and cost of preparation and printing of electoral rolls.

The fund will also be used in the destruction of obsolete EVMs.

Last year Rs 3902.17 million was spent on the acquisition of electronic voting machines.

The Lok Sabha elections were held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19.

Over 10 lakh EVMs and an equal number of paper trail machines were used for the elections. At least one control unit and one ballot unit makes for one .

This is for the first time that paper trail machines were deployed in all polling stations - nearly 10.5 lakh - in a Lok Sabha election.