ICC 2019 World Cup: physical condition is a big problem, children are fighting, says Gulbadin Naib

LEEDS: Captain of Afghanistan Gulbadin Naib He stressed the importance of fitness to be more competitive in the world. Cricket after they finished their campaign with another defeat in the current World Cup.

Afghanistan ended its World Cup campaign without a victory after dropping 23 races to the West Indies on Thursday in its last outing here.


"The fitness is a big issue, the boys are struggling. If you play professional Cricket in each and every department you must be fit and 100 per cent. If you are not fit nothing will go well," Gulbadin said.

"We learned a lot at this World Cup and know what we need to work on to improve ourselves, we'll take the positive things and keep trying hard. We've achieved so much as a team in a short time and, after the World Cup, it is not the end of our Cricket ."

The teen bib hitter Ikram Alikhil, who was included in the team after an injury in Mohammad Shahzad , scored an impressive 86, sharing a second pair of 133 races with Rahmat Shah, as Afghanistan recorded 288, its highest level in the competition.

Gulbadin was effusive in his praise for the young batter.

He played very well. I'm upset because he lost a century, which is a great time for everyone, he said.

"He's played a lot of Cricket in the last two or three years and he proved himself here. We have a lot of youngsters like him coming forward, which is great for the team and for the country.

We have a lot of talent in Afghanistan. I hope that the other guys, if given the opportunity, will also introduce themselves, added Gulbadin.