The creators of 'Rangitaranga' are planning a sequel to the movie?

'Rangitaranga', directed by Anup Bhandari starring Nirup Bhandari was released in 2015. The film was reportedly a hit. The movie was produced by HK Prakash. After four years, it is now expected to have a sequel under HK Prasad and Anup Bhandari. It will be titled 'Rangitaranga 2' and the story will be completely different.

According to reports, producer HK Prakash has decided to produce a sequel and has reportedly discussed with Anoop Bhandari and Prakash. 'Rangitaranga 2' will have the same crew and technicians as 'Rangitaranga'. However, the film is not expected very soon since both director Anup and producer Prakash are currently busy with different projects.

'Adilakshmi Purana' starring Nirup Bhandari and actress Radhika Pandit will be released this month on July 19. The movie is produced by Rockline Venkatesh . There is a lot of anticipation for the film. This will be the first movie starring Radhika Pandit after she got married to Yash.

Anup Bhandari, who is the director of 'Rangitaranga', is busy with his next movie 'Ranga Billa Basha' starring Sudeep . After this movie, Anoop will take 'Rangitaranga 2'.