RTI propagation funds were reduced by approximately 38 percent

NEW DELHI: Funds for the propagation of the right to information have been reduced by more than 38 percent in the 2019-20 Union Budget compared to the last prosecutor's allocation.

The finance minister announced an allocation of Rs 5.5 crore for the 'CIC and' compared to the crore of Rs 9 allocated in the budget for 2018-19.

The allocation is a fall of Rs 3.5 crore or about 38.8 percent.

In last year's budget, seven million rupees were allocated for the CIC and the RTI, but revised to nine million rupees.

The allocation is for the propagation of the RTI Law by the Personnel and Training Department, according to the Budget document.

The CIC also received funds under a separate head of 'CIC and PESB' with an increase of 9.36 percent over the previous budget. He has been allocated Rs 32.01 crore compared to Rs 29.27 crore last year.

This provision is for expenses related to the establishment of the Public Company Selection Board and, according to the document.