The letter of resignation of Rahul Gandhi will revitalize the party: Ashok Gehlot

JAIPUR: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Friday described the letter of resignation of the president of Congress. Rahul Gandhi As a document that will strengthen the party once again. I believe that the letter itself has become a document that will revitalize the Congress in the coming days. For anyone who comes to fight against the ideology of RSS and BJP with us, the letter will be a motivation. Gehlot said here.

He said that the letter of resignation contained a great message with many things hidden in it.

Every worker in Congress must read his four-page message at least 10 times. All party workers, officials, legislators and ministers should read it. There are many hidden things in it, Gehlot told reporters.

Gandhi had publicly published his four-page resignation letter on social media recently.

Considering that accountability is critical to the future growth of the party, Gandhi said that the reconstruction of the party requires difficult decisions and that many people would have to be held accountable for the failure of 2019.