Lakshmi Baramma has a good score on the PRT lists; Agnisakshi is out of the top 5

Paaru It remains the most watched daily show on Kannada television until late Agnisakshi , who once broke the records and ruled the TRP lists, is now out of 5 races. The show has slipped into eighth place.

The latest PRT list has witnessed a drastic change in terms of the positions of the shows.

The recent episodes of the daily soap Paaru has helped him to secure the number one spot for the fifth time in a row. The story revolves around Paru, a naive girl who lives life to the fullest. The show also has a senior actress Vinaya Prasad in a prominent role.

With a surprising twist, the protagonist (Shruthi) recovers his memory and meets with his family that seems to have helped. Lakshmi Baramma in terms of PRT. The show continues to secure second place.

The story of a naive girl. Kamali ', who was in second place, has slipped in third place. The plot revolves around an ambitious girl, who dreams of being in a respectable position in society.

Following Kamali is Mangala Gowri Madve in the fourth position. Gattimela , that actor Raksh in the lead role has won the fifth place.