Futuristic budget, lights the spirit of hope for India to have a $ 5 billion economy: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: Commending the Union's budget as a futurist, president of BJP Amit Shah on Friday he said he reflects the prime minister Narendra Modi The vision of the farmers where they prosper, the poor lead a dignified life, the middle class receives its deserved and the Indian company a boost.

Shah, also the Union's interior minister, said the budget highlights the exemplary work done in key sectors related to the economy, housing, infrastructure and social sectors in the last five years. It ignites a spirit of hope that India can become a $ 5 billion economy in the coming years, he said.

The budget presented by to finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman It is a futurist. It provides a coherent roadmap for the sectors that will drive growth and innovation among our citizens. The emphasis on cleanliness. energy and Cashless transactions are also steps in the right direction, he said in a series of tweets.

It also sets the stage for fulfilling our collective water dreams for all citizens, ensuring electrical connectivity throughout India and boosting manufacturing, especially in the sunrise sectors, Shah said, adding that the budget will allow India to become a more vibrant start center.

The budget for new india clearly reflects PM Narendra Modi 's vision for India' s development, where the farmers prosper, poor lead to life of dignity, the middle class get the due for their hardwork and Indian enterprise gets a boost. This is truly a budget of hope and empowerment, he said.