Written update of Agnisakshi, July 4, 2019: Anjali returns home

In the last episode of Agnisakshi , Chandrika calls Sannidhi and informs him that Anjali is his goal. He also tells him that he will hurt Anjali as he is the most beloved member of the family. Sannidhi worries about Anjali's safety and demands that Chandrika reveal his plan.

Chandrika reveals nothing. Instead, she asks Sannidhi to wait until she makes her move.

Meanwhile, the rescuer manages to distract the thugs and takes Jayanth and Purvi to safety. He informs them that they are ready the next day and assures them that they will marry.

Purvi thanks Anjali for lending his support to his marriage. Anjali asks Purvi not to worry about anything and hugs her. The rescuer drops Anjali back home safely.

When Anjali returns home, the family members breathe a sigh of relief when they see her safe. Tanu tells Anjali about Chandrika's warning. Anjali asks the family members not to worry because she was safe.

Sannidhi gets excited and hugs Anjali. She has moist eyes. Anjali consoles Sannidhi and asks her not to cry because she feels helpless.

On the contrary, Vasumathi returns home and becomes enraged when he learns of Purvi's escape. She yells at Shalini and Mahadevappa for being careless.

Unable to find out what to do next, Vasumathi decides to seek help from Chandrika.