Vinay Gowda joins Nandi as Viraat

The telenovela Nandini that has crossed 600 episodes successfully winning hearts of millions. The series had the best multilingual actors, such as Khushboo and Riaz Khan, who have been playing leading roles. The series is now seen, the popular actor Vinay Gowda in a paper protanigst.

Vinay Gowda, who has received great praise when she played the role of raavana in the fiction program, jai hanuman is rehearsing the role of Viraat which was previously played by Rajesh Dhruva. He has thrown 20 kilos of weight to get into the character's skin. In the series, Virat does not know if Janani is half human and half snake . Once, Virat sees her struggle for a social cause and falls in love with her pure innocence and simplicity. He saves her from the evil Ashtaavakra and during this time expresses her feelings towards Janani but rejects his proposal. But fate has something exciting in store for both Janai and Virat. The series is airborne Monday through Friday at 8:30 pm.