Julia Roberts: building a career was a methodical effort before

Julia Roberts Such social media has destabilized the way a new actor would plan his career in movies.

The actor said that 30 years ago, one would have the opportunity to make another film, only if his previous work was successful, unlike today.

Things have changed a lot. When I started, there was no social media, there was hardly Internet. People could not take pictures with their phones. There were logical steps in the progression of a race, you made a movie and if it was like that. successful, had the opportunity to work again. If his second film was successful, he could be paid more and get a new role. Now, someone can just come out of nowhere and do it, which I think is very destabilizing. The race was a much more methodical effort 30 years ago, Roberts told the British magazine.

The Oscar winner said today that she plans her professional assignments in a way that matches the schedules of her husband, director of photography. Daniel Moder and his sons.

I pay more attention (to my choice of roles) because we have a family and it's not just about me. My husband and I avoid working at the same time. So there are my projects, Danny's projects, the children's school calendar, The organization is basically mathematical. I feel very fortunate not to have to work constantly. My mother worked full time, 365 days a year, with only two weeks of vacation, and she took care of us, she had no other choice. I have unlimited admiration for these women and all they have to do to survive, he said.

The actor was seen more recently in function 'Ben is back' .