WI must follow the steps of England to form a team for the 2023 WC: Carlos Brathwaite

LEEDS: Swashbuckling all terrain Carlos Brathwaite believes that the West Indies should follow in England's footsteps and rebuild the team in the next four years after failing to reach the semifinals in the current World Cup.

After starting with an explosion against Pakistan, the West Indies ended their campaign with a 23-race victory over the Afghanistan minnows to record only their second victory in the tournament.

As a team, we have to regroup. We have free time, some painful bodies will have time to recover and then it's about finding ways and combinations to compete and win series, Brathwaite said.

We hope we can take that winning mentality to the next World Cup. If you look at 2015 and what England did after the World Cup, they have accumulated until the 2019 World Cup and are paying dividends.

I do not know outside the field what are the plans for the 2023 World Cup, but I think it is something that we must look at and move towards that.

The West Indies were close to winning against New Zealand when Brathwaite had reached a brilliant century, but fell short in five races. They also suffered a close defeat against Australia.

There is a disappointment in the locker room as we do not get to the last four, but we are grateful for the good performances, said Brathwaite, who returned with a four-legged shot in Headingley.

" Sheldon Cottrell He had a fantastic tournament and at times like these it is easy to let those things get lost. But as a team we got together, we highlighted the guys that we thought had good performances and those who did not take the lessons and came back so we can start winning bilateral series before the next World Cup.

Meanwhile, Hope shai , who was awarded to the player of the match for his 77th in the 23-race win over the West Indies on Thursday, said the tournament was definitely a learning experience for his team after recording just two wins in nine games.

It was definitely a learning experience, something I will never forget. When playing each game in this format, obviously you have to be the best team of the day to advance in the tournament, Hope said.

Regardless of what happens on any team, we have to go out and play cricket.

Hope also agreed with Barthwaite that it is time for the West Indies to rebuild the team for the next World Cup.

We have to improve from this experience, I'm sure we're going to use this as a platform for the next four years so we can have something stronger and generate more momentum, he said.

In a tournament like this, you have to play your best game in each game. If you're wrong, you're basically out of the tournament.

Hope, who scored a century in each turn when the West Indies defeated England for five windows in Leeds two years ago, said he loved hitting Headingley.

Two years ago I had a lot of fun batting and it's nice to go out and act again here. I'm not sure what it is, the window, the atmosphere. Whatever the case, I'm happy to hit here, said the person in charge of the window.