Our creators of employment are our creators of wealth: Nirmala Sitharaman praises India Inc

NEW DELHI: The Finance Minister praised India Inc. on Friday and said that the nation's wealth creators are the ones who present the Union budget for 2019-20 in the Lok Sabha .

India Inc, our job creators, are the creators of the nation's wealth. Together we can prosper. I want to propose a series of reforms to boost the virtuous cycle of growth, he said.

When we aspire to reach 5 trillion dollars, many wonder if it is possible. The goal can be achieved. Given the desire of our citizens and the leadership of the government, he added.

Earlier, he said that the goal of his government was a strong nation and strong people.

Our goal was and remains' Mazboot Desh Ke Liye Mazboot Nagrik ' With determined human efforts, the task will surely be completed, he said.

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