Game review: Haji Ek Varta has to do with a friendly laugh

If you are looking for a cheerful entertainer and a comedy fan, this work inspired by the writings of Gujarati comedians, mostly essays by Dave Jyotindra, will tickle you.

The 35th show of Haji Ek Varta directed by Abhinay banker It was staged in Ahmedabad after an interval of one year recently. The interesting thing about this work is that it is able to maintain the interest of the public with its four witty stories.


The set is minimalist and the force of the relatable. drama It is that it is extracted from our life today. The way in which we react to certain circumstances has been brought to life on stage by various actors who turn the narrators at some point into conducting the 'varta'.

As the work opens, you can see a group of people with different age groups sitting in front of a television in a restaurant watching a cricket match that portrays the Indians' obsession with the game. While Megha Vyas brings a smile to your face trying to be a cool guayarati who says to 'respect' the youngsters from time to time, Gopal Hari, in his role as a fitness fanatic, makes everyone laugh when he is distracted while He flaunts his muscles. .

The public feels transported to a place in Mumbai full of people without any kind of game, but only with the trembling posture of three passengers who discuss the mixture of glamor with cricket in recent years and its impact on the game.

Abhinay banker and Morni Jaykrushna’s mannerisms and accent in the role of a quintessential couple where the husband wants no disturbance when he watches the match so much so that when the wife asks what to cook for dinner, he gives her money and asks her to eat out leaves the audience hooting and cheering for more.

The hero of the play is his script mixed with puns in every third dialogue, which becomes much more evident in a satire of insurance agents Sanjay Galsar who interprets the soul of an Urdu poet trapped in the body of an employee who Try to fulfill your objectives with pleasure evoking grief. . The play touches on the language barrier and the difficulties a young Gujarati faces when he lands in Mumbai, including the search for domestic help but with a touch of humor.

The only blow in the whole game of joy is that some of the actors could have changed their clothes while portraying multiple characters.

In general, it is said that laughter is the best medicine and this move manages to do the same. Therefore, if you want to share your laugh while watching a play, this will definitely work for you.

DSC_3243 Haji Ek Varta Language - Gujarati, Urdu, Marathi Comedy genre

Director – Abhinay banker

Duration - 75 minutes

Cast – Abhinay banker , Morni Jaykrushna, Sanjay Galsar, Gopal Hari, Megha Vyas

Classification - 3 stars