Programs will be accelerated, bureaucracy will be reduced: FM

NEW DELHI: To finance The minister said Friday that the NDA government had set the ball rolling for a '' in its first term and that the programs will be accelerated and the bureaucracy will be reduced in the future.

The recent elections were accused of overwhelming hope for a bright and stable India, he said when presenting the first Modi government budget in his second term.

In the first hour, the Cabinet of the Union headed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the budget for 2019-20.

Modi's government in his first term stood out as an acting government, said Sitharaman, adding that voters sealed their approval to a functioning government in the elections.

In addition, he said that the NDA government in its first mandate prepared the filming of a New India with a strident commitment to fiscal consolidation.

Our last-mile delivery was highlighted, he said, and promised that the programs will accelerate and the bureaucracy will be reduced.

The finance minister also said that the amount spent on food security doubled during 2014-19 compared to the previous five years. In addition, the number of patents tripled during 2018-19.