Rangoli Chandel shares an old interview with Taapsee Pannu mocking Kangana Ranaut

It seems that the war of words between the sister of Kangana Ranaut, Rangoli Chandel & Taapsee Pannu It is not over yet.

While the ‘Pink’ actress in her recent statement chose not to comment on this topic, but only focus on the positive side of people & life, Rangoli shared an old interview that featured Taapsee allegedly “making fun of” Kangana.

“A woman is making fun of another woman mocking her stands on various issues & @anuragkashyap72 ji is laughing wah!!! Kya baat hai... Talk about double standards...” she said while sharing the clip. The snipet from a past interview, had the interviewer asking Taapsee what gift she would like to give Kangana, to which she said, “A double filter.”

He went on to explain that she can have serious problems all the time.

Rangoli also shared some publications by a fan who was curious to know that Taapsee would issue an apology to the actress for her previous statement.


With a grateful emoji, Chandel said goodbye saying: Lekin Roohi yeh wali hassi inko bahut mehangi padi hai ... aab khilli udane ki baat sochne is pehle hi in sab ki chaddi geeli ho jayegi ... I promise you (This laugh will cost you. The next time they think of laughing at someone, it will scare them.)

For the uninitiated, this heated exchange blew out of proportion when Rangoli posted a series of tweets accusing Taapsee of copying her sister & not acknowledging her while praising the trailer of ‘Judgementall Hai Kya’.