Highlights of the film review Pathinettam Padi: Shanker Ramakrishnan's film has a fascinating and exciting first half

There is not a moment during the first half of Pathinettam Padi that forces him to check his phone or get distracted. The narrator of the film - Arya, an army man who remembers his school days during the last moments of his life, begins to tell the story of the children of two schools in Thiruvananthapuram - Government Model School and Christ International, and you be absorbed by history. The 2-hour, 49-minute film seems intriguing and exciting, with performances full of power from rookies such as Akshay Radhakrishnan and Ashwin Gopinath. The cinematography, the acrobatics, the music and the background score add an extra reward.

Although the film boasts of a star cast of the set that includes Mommy & Prithviraj , the first half just introduces us to the newbies & Ahaana Krishna . The story so far is of the rivalry between two schools - the rich & the poor- which is told through a few instances that are highly nostalgic & emotional.

It seems that Urumi's writer is here with a beautiful movie that is a perfect source for all movie fans. This is for young people who do not have dreams: this is for children who practice substance abuse: this is for those who see poverty.