UP child bitten by scorpion taken to tantric, dies

JHANSI: A 10-year-old student of class IV in a government school died after being stung by a student on campus. The incident took place on Wednesday morning, when the principal allegedly asked the child to sweep the floor along with other students.

The allegations are that the school authorities initially took the child to a tantric (sorcerer) and it was only after his condition began to deteriorate that he was taken to the place where he died on Thursday.

Taking serious note of accusations that the boss had the victim sweep the floor when the incident occurred and that the child was initially taken to a 'tantric' before being taken to the hospital, the Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) Jhansi has suspended to the director and ordered an investigation of the allegations.

The incident has been reported in a government primary school located in the Veera village that falls under Mauranipur tehsil of the Jhansi district. Here, the victim, Arun Kumar, had gone to school and attended classes when, allegedly, he was asked to sweep the floor with other students.

When he removed a pile of twigs, a scorpion bit him, said a classmate of the victim talking to the media. When Deenanath, the director, learned of the incident, he took Arun to a tantric. The accusations are that, since the Tantric was not present in the house, the director contacted him by cell phone and the Tantric recited the mantras on the phone and the director placed his cell phone in Arun's ears so he could hear the mantras .