Chennai: female police officer withdraws Rs 2.5 lakh in cash using thief ATM cards

CHENNAI: A policewoman is in trouble after she withdrew Rs 2.5 lakh using two ATMs she took from one. Kayalvizhi, a batch police inspector from 2004, was waiting for a publication with the city police and committed the crime when she worked as an inspector at Chennai Central Police Station. She has not been arrested yet

Police said the thief, Sahul Hameed, 48, was arrested in May by a policeman who was patrolling an express train. Sahul traveled in air-conditioned compartments of first and second class express trains and stole valuables from other passengers.

Police recovered the valuables stolen from Sahul during his arrest. A railway police officer who knew the details of the case said: Kayalvizhi handed over 13 of the confiscated letters, but he kept two letters that belonged to Sahul.

The problem came to light after the thief's sister informed investigating officers that she received on her brother's cell phone that Rs 2.5 lakh had been removed from several ATMs in the city.

The preliminary investigations conducted by Edward, the deputy superintendent of police of Egmore GRP, confirmed that the inspector had withdrawn money at several ATMs in the city. Police collected images from the CCTV camera of an ATM in West Mambalam, where he withdrew money last month.