Irish lawyer imprisoned for racist attack in Air India flight found dead in United Kingdom

LONDON: An Irish human rights lawyer, who was jailed for throwing abusive insults at the crew of Air India on a flight from Mumbai to London, was found dead a few days after his release from prison in the United Kingdom.

Simone Burns' body was found on East Sussex beach on June 1, a few days after she was released from prison on May 20. Death came to light this Thursday.

Burns, born in Belfast and principal investigator of the Palestinian rights organization Badil, was sentenced to six months in jail on April 4, after pleading guilty to drunkenness on a plane and an assault during a hearing in Isleworth in London.

In one of the incidents that occurred on November 11, you can see a drunken Burns abusing racially the crew of Air India for refusing to serve him a fourth bottle of wine on his business class flight to London. He captured his screams: I'm fucking an international lawyer for the Palestinian people ... I'm working for people like you and I do not receive money for it by the way and you will not give me anything. ****** Glass of wine . He even spat in the face of one of the hostesses for denying him more alcohol and tried to light a cigarette three times in the toilets.

A spokeswoman said: The body of a woman found in Beachy Head on June 1 has been identified as Simone Burns, 50. Death is not being considered suspicious. The matter was passed to the coroner's office. When asked if the death was a suicide, she said: We can not comment on that. It is a matter that must be decided by the investigating judge.

A friend told the Daily Telegraph that Burns' world collapsed after the conviction and that she had been attacked by Internet trolls after the video went viral.