Iranian students protest the mandatory mandate of the veil

Tehran I Ran The Semi-official News Agency ISNA Says University Students Have Performed A Protest On The Campus Against The Authorities ' Increase In Pressure On Women To Carry The Obligatory Veil In Public. The Report Says Students, Both Men And Women, Briefly Faced With Another Group Of Tehran University Students That Support The Code Of Conservative Country Dress.

The headscarf, or , is required in public for all women in I Ran . Those who violate the rules are usually sentenced to two months in prison or less and fined around $25.

ISNA Reported In May That A Prominent Lawyer Was Sentenced To Seven Years Of Prison After Defending Anti-hijab Protesters.

I Ran ian authorities have adopted a tougher approach toward such protests since 2017, after dozens of women publicly took off their headscarves.