Pakistan reserves the cosmetic step of Hafiz Saeed, says India

NEW DELHI: One day later Pakistan claimed to have filed cases against Hafiz Saeed of LeT/JUD on terror financing, the MEA dismissed them as “cosmetic steps”, accusing Pakistan of trying to “hoodwink” the international community.

“Let us not get fooled by such cosmetic steps. Pakistan ’s sincerity to take action against terrorists and terror groups will be judged on the basis of their ability to demonstrate verifiable, credible and irreversible action against terror groups operating from their soil and not on the basis of half-hearted measures which they undertake sometimes to hoodwink the international community,” MEA spokesperson, Raveesh Kumar said, adding that India wants “a normal relationship in an environment free from terror”.

He says he has taken action, but when it comes to taking action against the people we have required them to enter into denial mode, Kumar said.

Pakistan ’s counter-terrorism department had on Wednesday said it had filed 23 cases against some top-billed terror leaders. Diplomats had said this was under pressure from FATF and IMF, but the steps did not degrade terror capabilities of these groups.

The location of Dawood Ibrahim is not a secret. Time and again we have been presenting to Pakistan a list of people who are in their country. We have asked repeatedly that he should be handed over. His imprint on the Mumbai blast is very clear for all of us to see,” Kumar said. It shows Pakistan is not serious, he said. “They ( Pakistan ) stand completely exposed as far as their claims of taking action against terror groups in their own soil is concerned,” he said. The MEA statement came after Pakistan ’s foreign ministry denied the don’s presence in the country.