Indrani Mukerjea becomes approver in case of INX

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, a special court of the IWC allowed him to face a trial for the murder of his daughter Sheena Bora, to become the case of INX Media in which the former finance minister of the Union P and his son Karti are jointly accused. Special Judge Arun Bhardwaj approved the statement presented by Indrani, in which she makes a full and true revelation about what happened between the Chidambarams and her husband Peter Mukerjea and her.

The petition mentions that her decision to become an approver was not made under duress. Indrani, represented by lawyer Rajtilak Guha Roy, was invited to appear before the special tribunal of the IWC on July 11. He is in the Byculla prison in Mumbai. Karti was arrested by CBI in 2018 for his alleged role in the corruption case of INX Media. Apparently, he had asked for a $ 1 million bribe from the Mukerjeas when they met at the Hyatt Hotel in Delhi.

When the CBI requested his return, Attorney General Tushar Mehta raised questions about his father's alleged role in the Foreign Investment Proposal Board granting INX's permission to receive foreign funds in 2007. Chidambaram was then finance minister in the government of UPA. CBI called Karti the final beneficiary and the first conspirator in the supposed trajectory of the money.

The Chidambarams also face an investigation in the case of INX Media registered by the Compliance Department (ED) under the Money Laundering Prevention Law. The case of money laundering is based on an FIR submitted by CBI, alleging that the companies controlled by Karti received at least 3.5 million rupees from INX Media in exchange for influencing the authorization of the FIPB.