Judge Pandey of bank Allahabad HC Lucknow said goodbye to his retirement

LUCKNOW: Judge Rang Nath Pandey refused to officially say goodbye on Thursday, days after he reportedly wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about deficiencies in the system for appointing judges.

Judge Pandey retired from the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court on Tuesday. A farewell reference in court was scheduled for Thursday by the Lucknow bank of the court, traditionally for the judges of the superior courts in their retirement. But the July 1 notice issued for the farewell referral was withdrawn on Thursday by the main registrar of the Lucknow banking bench.

The registrar attributed the withdrawal of the notice to unforeseen circumstances. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the notice dated July 1, 2019 regarding the full reference of the Court (dismissal) is removed here, said another notice on Thursday, signed by Secretary General Manvendra Singh of the Lucknow Bank of the High Court.

It has been the practice of the high court to extend the farewell reference to the retiring judges and the high court administration had issued an official notice on July 1 to give the farewell reference.

The notice on the farewell was also sent, among others, to the Oudh Bar Association (OBA), based in Lucknow, and its president and general secretary, in addition to the general counsel of the state government, to the additional attorney general of India based in Lucknow and other law officers.

However, the Oudh Bar Association welcomed Judge Pandey at the bar and gave him farewell.

On the occasion, Judge Pandey condemned the current process of appointment of judges in the superior judicial power.

The farewell function was attended by the OBA president, A M Tripathi, the senior vice president, S P Singh, the joint secretaries, Rishabh Tripathi and Ashok Sahu, and the Deputy Attorney General, S P Pandey, among others.