Devaki is the search for a mother for her missing daughter.

Young filmmaker Lohith m proved his worth with his debut, Mummy-Save Me, which he has continued with Devaki , a film in which he collaborates. Priyanka Upendra again.nThe film, produced by RCS Cinemas, hits theaters today, and Lohith says that it is an emotional tale that will tug at the heart strings of audiences, while also conveying important messages. Cinema is a powerful media and should not only be about entertainment. The stories you tell on the big screen should leave a lasting impact on the audience. And Devaki, which is a story about a single mother's search for her missing daughter, is one such. Loosely based on real-life incidents, the storyline not only explores child trafficking, but also the importance of relationships, especially among parents and children, he says.

Devaki also marks the debut of Priyanka's daughter Aishwarya and has Kishore in a fundamental role.