Children of Bengaluru demystify Dickens on stage.

The works of Charles Dickens are often wrapped in elements of rigid realities, but the latest adaptation of Bangalore School of Speech and Drama of the much-loved book, Oliver Twist , is predominantly optimistic. director Zulfia Shaikh is known for reinventing classical literature for live performances, and the latter, entitled The Musical Adventures of Oliver Twist - promises to take the audience on a journey with the hero as he becomes entangled in scenarios of mystery, theft and revenge.

Complete with a cast of 110 actors and a live choir, the play is replete with songs, dance and drama. This presentation of 1 hour and 40 minutes premieres in the Auditorium of San Juan July 5th.

Zulfia's goal, however, is not just to familiarize young minds with the transformations of the page to the stage. She wants children to read and reread classical literature, which, according to her, is a moribund habit. Reading, imagining and representing is the key to learning. theater . But when it comes to reading materials, I do not think that contemporary books help much to improve the vocabulary of young people. Adapting a Dickens classic to the stage is also an attempt to encourage children to go home and read the book if they have not already done so, she says.

In the play, the character of Fagin is portrayed as a good and bad boy, while there has also been a deliberate attempt to mitigate some of the hard aspects present in the original piece. While we retell the story, we want to break the sadness with music and moments of humor, summarizes the director.