'Oh Baby': five reasons why you should see Samantha and Lakshmi starrer

Telugu by Nandini Reddy and remake of the Korean film Miss Granny, entitled Oh Baby and starring Samantha and Lakshmi in mainstream releases this Friday.

As the film is the first Indian remake of the Korean film, expectations are high, not only from Samantha fans, but also by those who have seen the original and fallen in love with history. While fans of Asian cinema and the tribe of Samantha have enough reasons to watch the movie, we give you five reasons why you should:

The fantasy of everything.

How often do you see on the screen the story of a 70-year-old boy turned into a 24-year-old, especially on the screens of India and Telugu? It is also rare to find a story that allows an old woman to be the central protagonist, even if she becomes young later, getting a second chance in life. Also, Bebakka's story sounds interesting, something that should be seen on the screen.

The address of Nandini Reddy.

Despite a small list of filmography, you can be sure that most fans have seen and fallen in love at some point in their lives Nani and Nithya Menen stars in 'Ala Modalaindi'. Even if her ensuing films Siddharth and Samantha star in Jabardast and Naga Shaurya and Malavika Nair star in Kalyana Vaibhogame they did not click, the trailer implies that she is really accomplishing this.

The acting ability of the cast

Oh Baby has a star cast not only among the main actors Samantha and Lakshmi, but also with names like Naga Shaurya, Rao Ramesh, Rajendra Prasad and Jagapathi Babu. With most of them veteran actors who are some of the best in their trade and even comedy, you can only assume that they will perform their duties with absolute ease. Even if that requires Rao Ramesh Play the son of a young girl like Samantha!

The relatable factor.

Samantha was quoted as saying in several reports how the film made her think that she had never asked her mother what she wanted from life, apart from marriage and children. The film explores the same concept, and if we all have mothers and grandmothers in our lives who have sacrificed a lot for us, it is difficult that the concept is not identifiable.

Power of women

In addition to the producer Sunitha, Nandini, Lakshmi, Samantha and Chinmayi, who double the actress in Tamil, the project also has a large number of female staff and deputy technicians. It was a conscious decision on my part and Nandini to have as many women on our team as possible. There was a movement in the industry when we started this project and many asked us if their daughters can work here. I would just tell you that it's not easy, it takes strength and courage, Sunitha told Hyderabad Times, adding: I've seen how the industry changes for women over the years, there's a lot of acceptance. So it was definitely a conscious effort on our part for inclusion.