The students held a tree planting campaign.

As an initiative to raise awareness about the impact of global environmental problems, Malhar , the annual interuniversity festival of San Javier College, Mumbai, began its first event last month.

With the growing participation of environmental problems in the city, the festival, in collaboration with 'Green Umbrella', organized a tree planting campaign. This charitable organization registered in India works extensively against the evils of deforestation & climate change making rigorous efforts to restore native forests.

Last month, the organising committee & the members of the organisation assembled together with grit & enthusiasm to induce a green wave at the patch between Vhrhroli east highway & Godrej. Guided with precise instructions & assistance to fulfil the target of planting around 50 trees, the plantation drive began in full swing. With young students split up into groups, they experimented with digging tools, plants & bamboo stakes. It was an experience & a skill to develop for every person out there.


The main event included the participation of Dr. Rajendra Shinde, who not only lent a hand but also distributed beans in trivialities about peepal plants. Within a three-hour span, a row of newly planted trees stood firm and emitted a ray of hope for battle The frightful heat of the city. This impulse highlighted with grace the fact that small efforts are the steps to combat the trivial problems of our environment.