I never had a university life, Iranian coffee was my university, says Ali Reza as the iconic coffee that closes the store.

Maate mantramu actor Ali Reza is not a happy man as his 60-year old ancestral Iranian coffee had shut down recently. Like many Hyderabadis, I have many memories with the coffee. In an exclusive chat with TimesofIndia.com, Ali Reza poured his heart out about growing up in the cafe and much more.

It was not just a coffee for us. My father was active since 1981 and they joined me since 1999. I grew up in the place and I have many memories, says Ali.

The model turned into an actor, in fact, began to work in coffee even before he dreamed of acting.

I still remember confronting my dad after my tenth standard and confessing that I am no longer interested in studying. Then I started working in the cafeteria for a daily wage of Rs 70. Those were my first earnings in life. I never went to college Ramser It was my university in fact This place keeps me so rooted, recalls the actor.

He adds: It was a difficult decision to close the place that has been part of our lives for the past 57 years. That is why on the last day I received a large crowd of between 8 and 10 thousand people and I offered everything for free. I was overwhelmed watching love for us.

While his father wants to take a break for a while, the actor is currently looking for a good place for a new beginning.