Written update of Kundali Bhagya, July 3, 2019: Sarla, Srishty are surprised when Prithvi asks for the hand of Preeta

The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Sherlyn trying to poison Karan's mind and provoke him against Preeta. But she fails in her attempts and Karan yells at her. He asks her to leave and throws her out of her room. Elsewhere, Prithvi arrives in Preeta's room and speaks ill of the Luthras.

Preeta asks her to leave her alone. He shows an extra concern for her and tries to approach her. Preeta is uncomfortable and asks him to leave. Prithvi gets upset and swears to marry her.

Sherlyn does not stop and keeps saying nasty things about Preeta. Karan gets mad at Sherlyn and questions her integrity. He demands to know why she offered Preeta money. He tells Sherlyn that he will not let anyone take advantage of his fight with Preeta. He gets mad more because Sherlyn does not stop. He hits the boxing bag and gets hurt.

Sherlyn enjoys watching Karan's anger. Later, Preeta and Karan cry for each other. Preeta talks to herself and says that Karan has made a big mistake and that she has to apologize this time, while Karan also decides to meet with Preeta and apologize. He says that although he knows that Preeta is to blame, but he does not want to lose it.

The next morning, Sherlyn prepares breakfast for everyone to earn. Rakhi, Kareena praises her. Mahesh continues to ignore Sherlyn and receives a call on her landline. Rakhi hands him the phone. He asks the other person why he did not call his mobile. The man on the other side explains that his phone was not accessible. The man asks him to meet him as soon as possible and they have captured the bully. Mahesh rushes to meet that person. All the members of the family talk about their changed behavior and Sherlyn suspects.

Prithvi comes with the Baaja gang and some of his relatives to ask for Preeta's hand. Sarla, Srishty and others are surprised.