Will fight against BJP, RSS with 10 times more vigor: Rahul Gandhi

MUMBAI: One day later publicly. announcing his resignation as president, Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said he will participate in the ideological struggle with BJP and RSS with 10 times more vigor than him during the last five years.

Gandhi spoke with reporters after appearing before a local court in a file filed by an RSS worker.

I am with the poor, farmers and labourers, this fight (against BJP and RSS) will continue, he said.

Gandhi described the struggle as an ideological struggle. I will continue the fight with 10 times more vigor than in the last five years, he said.

Aakraman ho raha hai, maza aa raha hai (aggression is happening and I am enjoying), said Gandhi.

He did not elaborate, and said he had said everything he had to say in the four-page resignation letter he made public on Wednesday.

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