Written update of Krishnakoli, July 3, 2019: Shyama and Nikhil will return home

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Disha learns that the man designated by her could not hit Nikhil with his car. The man reports Disha that Nikhil 's wife saved him. Ashoke Listen to the conversation and it becomes suspicious. He swears to save the family at any cost from his conspiracy.

Nikhil and Shyama reach the hospital. I have rushes to his father and hugs him tight. Seeing them, Basanta gets emotional too. Disha and Rukmini do not like them reuniting.

Basanta shares how happy he is about Sujata allowing Shyama to meet him. Basanta praises Shyama for fulfilling his dreams. He wants to be known as singer Shyama 's father - in - law rather than the owner of a big company.

When Basanta asks Sujata whether Shyama and Nikhil are coming back, Rukmini tries to establish that Nikhil has a threat from singers, according to the astrological predictions. Disha too seconds her opinion and says that everything will be solved if Shyama quits her singing career.

To everyone's surprise, Sujata declares that Shyama and Nikhil can comeback and she (Shyama) does not need to quit her career.

Basanta gets happy and asks if she has understood that such predictions do not have any logical base. But she says Dandhai has opined Nikhil has no threat from singers anymore.

Unable to control her emotions, Shyama starts crying. Sujata holds her and consoles like a mother.

Arun and Nikhil decide on Sujata Basanta's anniversary. Arun notices Disha 's face and wonders why she is not happy seeing Basanta going back.

Nikhil and Shyama show their gratitude towards Pralay’s family who stood by them during a tough time. Shyama gives some gifts to them as a token of love.

Shyama and Nikhil are on their way to home.