Tornado in northeastern China kills 6 people and harms 190

BEIJING: A plane exploded through a city in northeastern China, damaging factories and buildings, killing six people and wounding 190, state media reported on Thursday.

The tornado hit Kaiyuan, a province on Wednesday afternoon, local authorities said in a brief online statement. Images from the state-run CCTV television showed a stretch of collapsed low-rise buildings where firefighters worked through the rubble. Glass windows in houses and cars were destroyed.

The tornado damaged factories and equipment in an industrial park, CCTV said. More than 210 people have been rescued, and another 1,600 were evacuated. Electricity will be restored in homes on Thursday, while companies will recover electricity in the next three days, CCTV said.

Tornadoes are rare in China. In 2016, a tornado and a hail storm accompanied 98 people in the eastern province.