Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum written update, July 3, 2019: Sonakshi makes Dr. Rohit wait outside his home

At last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum , Sonakshi grita a sus co-estrellas. Netra lleva a Sonakshi a su cuarto of maquillaje. Netra intenta hablar con ella y Sonakshi culpa al Dr. Rohit.

Rohit’s mom wonders why her boys – Rohan and Rohit are not home yet. Both of them return home and Rohit falls ill. His mother takes care of him and his family members place bets trying to guess the medication.

Rohit se siente mejor y sigue preguntándose sobre el reloj que vio en la mano del hermano of Sonakshi. Él decide encontrar la verdad. Le pregunta a YK sobre la dirección of Sonakshi.

El hermano of Sonakshi toma su café. Ella cree que él quiere saber lo que pasó en el hospital anoche. Sonakshi le dice que se reunió con su ex Karan.

Rohit se fuerza dentro del edificio of Sonakshi. Sonakshi y su hermano no le permiten entrar a su casa. Rohit les dice que muestren el reloj y demuestren que le pertenece.

Sonakshi recalls how Rohit made her wait in the hospital for the entire night. She gives Rohit a taste of his own medicine and tells him to come back in the morning at 9 am. Rohit decides to wait in her building the entire night.

As Rohit waits outside in the garden, Sonakshi’s show producer Netra makes a visit. Rohit makes her aware of Sonakshi’s ‘no guests visit late night’ rule to her. Netra excuses herself and goes inside the building.

Sonakshi wonders if Rohit is really going to wait outside all night.