Bigg Boss Tamil 3 episode 10, July 3, 2019, written update: Can not stand the ongoing struggles Saravanan wants to leave the program

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 In the presence of Losliya, Meera Mitun tells Mugen Rao that he does not care if he talks to someone. Mugen, on the other hand, makes it clear that neither can stop him from talking to anyone either.

Later, Meera discusses with Madhumitha and Losliya how the housemates can not fake for a long time in the house and their real side will be visible soon. Sakshi Agarwal listens to their discussion in the middle and complains about the same with Reshma and Vanitha Vijayakumar . They interpret that, Meera and Madhumitha are maligning Abhirami. Abhirami also suspects that Meera, Mugen and Madhumitha are talking about her.nIn between, Abhirami and Fathima Babu sort out their differences.nMeera tells Mugen that, there are few housemates who try to manipulate others.nMugen explains what they were discussing. In the presence of Sakshi, Vanitha and Abhirami, Mugen confirms with that, she did not speak even a word about Abhirami.nMeera gets irritated by Mugen's immature approach and asks him to grow up. Mugen suddenly raises his voice at Meera. Cheran calls Mugen and asks him to control his emotions and not to make noise or get violent. Losliya advises Mugen to understand things properly.nSherin hints that Losliya is supporting Meera.nOn the other side, Sherin, Abhirami, Vanitha and Sakshi inform Mugen about the half-baked conversation in the afternoon between Meera and Madhumitha. To clear off all the confusion, Vanitha advises Mugen and Abhirami to inform everyone that they are only friends.nAbhirami follows the suggestion and announces that they are friends.nLater, Madhumitha and Sherin get into a huge fight. Vanitha interferes and tells Mugen that Madhumitha said he has a girlfriend in real life.nLosliya gets disturbed and leaves her plate without finishing the food. Later, Cheran and Tharshan help Losliya to calm down. Saravanan is also annoyed by the fights and says it might force him to lose his sanity. On camera, I've asked Bigg Boss to highlight him from the house and pick someone else in his place. Interestingly, ex-contestant Bharani, also wanted to leave the house since she was unable to bear the continuous fight inside the house.nMugen apologised to Meera and they sort out their differences.n Madhumitha also appears in front of the camera and expresses her sadness over the accusations made by the other contestants. She expresses her desire to meet her mom and hubby immediately.nFathima Babu and Cheran advises Saravanan to drop the idea of ​​leaving the house. They ask him to stay at least for those housemates who support him.nThe next day, Kavin is asked by Bigg Boss to take a session on how to make mistakes in love. Everyone enjoys the light-hearted moments during the session.