NRI dies during an adventure sport at the Hyderabad resort

HYDERABAD: In Dharur, a non-resident Indian (NRI), who was Hills and Valley, died Monday in an accident. To avoid hitting a dog, the NRI turned the bicycle over, fell over and died.

Dharur police said that during a team start of a software company with 35 employees, it arrived in Hills and Valley on Sunday.

Aravind Peechara, director of a software company and resident of the United States, was also part of the 35 members.

On Monday at 11.30 am, when Peechara was riding a bicycle, he fell to avoid hitting a dog.

Immediately, his colleagues transferred him to a private hospital in the district of Vikarabad, where he died while in treatment. He suffered a head injury.

It was a weekend trip for which they came to resort. We need to verify if there was any negligence in part of the complex, said the Dharur police.

A case was recorded in section 304 a (negligence that caused the death) of IPC.