Centro says no to the change of name of Bengal

KOLKATA: The Center on Wenesday informed the government that it had not approved its 2018 proposal to change the name of the state to Bangla, which caused the chief minister Mamata Banerjee to launch a letter to the prime minister Narendra Modi urging him to accept the wishes of the people and accelerate the process of name change.

This is the fourth time that the request to change the name of West Bengal has been rejected. The first proposals were made in 1999, 2011 and 2016.

In a written response to a question from Deputy Ritabrata Banerjee, the junior housing minister, Nityanand Rai, said: The change in the name of a state requires a constitutional amendment after taking into account all relevant factors.

A change in the name of a state requires that a bill amending the constitution be passed in Parliament by simple majority. The changes in Annex 1 of the Constitution of India, which lists the states and territories of the Union, are made after the approval of the President.

The Bengal Assembly had approved on July 26, 2018 a resolution to change the name of the state to Bangla. The resolution was sent to the Ministry of the Interior of the Union for approval.

TOI had reported in 2018 that the Center opposed the name Bangla, citing its similarity to Bangladesh. According to the sources, the similarity of the name would make it difficult to differentiate between the two international events.

In his letter to the prime minister on Wednesday, Mamata also urged him to make the amendment at the current session of Parliament. This reactivation will be in keeping with the history, culture and identity of our state and will reflect the aspirations of our people, he says.