Rahul Gandhi rules out rethinking, sets the stage for rotation in Congress

New delhi: president Rahul Gandhi He made his final resignation on Wednesday in a farewell letter, which could lay the foundations for a large rotation in the party involving possible resignations of officials, the reconstitution of the work committee and the installation of a new party leader.

Rahul's detailed letter slammed speculation that he could be persuaded to reconsider the decision he announced at a CWC meeting on May 25 after a second consecutive defeat at BJP, with the party winning only 52 seats in Lok. Sabha

The Congress leader said the party needs to radical transformation to fight BJP. While owning responsibility for the mauling, Rahul Gandhi lamented that he was at times fought to lone and personal battle against BJP-RSS and Prime Minister Narendra Modi , repeating an insinuation he made at the CWC meeting.

His reference to the need for sweeping changes and that numerous people should also be held accountable seems to indicate a call for a purge or a version of the Kamraj plan where senior leaders voluntarily follow suit. The consequence of Rahul Gandhi's resignation should be resignations of office-bearers and the constitution of a new CWC, said a senior party leader.

A party source said that the PCCs and AICCs do not need to be dissolved and are expected to back the new CWC when it is constituted. The main leaders did not rule out that a successor was elected by consensus and deliberations, but said that the constitution of the party pointed to a certain process. The method that will be adopted remains to be seen. Seniors of the party and the current CWC can decide, said one leader.

In his letter, Rahul Gandhi wrote, It is a habit in India that the powerful cling to power, no one sacrifices power. But we will not defeat our opponents without sacrificing the desire for power and fighting a deeper ideological battle.

The leader said he had already suggested that a group of people be entrusted with the task of finding a new president. I have given them the power to do so and I have committed all my support to this process and a smooth transition, he said.

The letter blames the capture of all institutions by the BJP-RSS machinery and does not recognize in any way that the Congress campaign may have lost the mark with its attacks on Modi on Rafale and the activist orientation of the party manifesto with its promises to end the law of sedition and dilute the Law of the Armed Forces (special powers), as suggested by some older adults of the party. In fact, he suggested that the elections will become a ritual from now on.

Now, the general secretary of the AICC in charge of the organization will convene a meeting of CWC to accept the resignation of Rahul and elect the new leader of the party, as established by the constitution of the AICC.

Rahul revealed that he had rejected the internal suggestions to nominate a successor, adding that he is confident that the older adults of the party will make the best decision about who can guide us with courage, love and fidelity.

The four-page letter focused on the post-May 25 leadership vacuum in Congress, since Rahul made it clear that he was not the party's leader. But for him to make the public announcement after 42 days, he suggests that Congress could have moved to solve the problem of succession, although there is no clear indicator of this.

Shortly after publishing the letter, Rahul also changed his status on Twitter from President of Congress to Member of Congress/MP. He clarified that he would continue in Congress.

Gandhi also attacked the ruling BJP, claiming that every living cell in my body instinctively resists his idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia against which a battle has been fought in the country for centuries.

At the same time, Rahul argued that Congress did not fight a political party but the entire machinery of the Indian state, each of which organized itself against the opposition. He said that fair elections require the neutrality of institutions with fair arbiters in the free press, independent judiciary and a transparent electoral commission. He added that elections can not be free if a party has a complete monopoly over financial resources.

He affirmed that the takeover of institutions by RSS is complete and that democracy has been fundamentally weakened. Rahul added that the victory of Prime Minister Modi can not hide the accusations of corruption against him.